5 pleasurable steps to building your healthy marriage

How good will your marriage be in the near future | taught by Jerry Stumpf

Course description

This course will enrich your marriage by showing you how to chat with each other in a comfortable setting.

Through the questions and videos, you will see, step-by-step, how to discuss with your spouse their point of view and have them understand yours as well.

All along the way you will discover fascinating tips to stop arguments in their tracks and have a happy marriage.

You will learn pleasurable secrets to provide intimacy, trust while becoming irresistible to your spouse.

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The primary focus for this course is free-flowing conversation between you two, through 5 very helpful Marriage chapters.

Marriage problems can be overcome!

This course will assist your relationship no matter what walls you two have built so far.

So look through the brief course description to see how to apply marriage advice you can use to build delightful bridges

instead of imposing walls which block your effective communication.

Here is the course outline:

1 - Distinguish and establish effective communication skills:

1) share your ideas so your spouse knows what you want.

2) Discover simple techniques to find out what he / she is thinking

3) See how to enhance your listening skills

4) Engage each other in daily conversations beyond the typical grunt - yes/no answers

2 - Develop emotional intimacy

1) Flirt and have fun again

2) Fall deeper in love by ramping up your sincere intimacy.

3) Create an atmosphere for each other of enjoyable affection.

3 - Start this fun project to strengthen your magnetic attraction

1)You will include relationship building cool items such as: short outings with each other and some with the family.

2) Discover this helpful project together and NEVER have a problem coming up with date ideas.

3) We will guide you with simple, step-by-step directions!

4 -Identify and destroy Busyness - the # 1 relational killer

Since every married couple puts a ton into our schedules, you will find these suggestions as happy approaches to carve out some delightful - us time!

1) 6 questions to zone in on this sensitive issue and identify areas that you can squeeze out more fun!

2) You will pinpoint just how this intimacy killer is sapping your romance

3) Pinpoint effortless methods for free-flowing confabs for each other

5 - Easily Plan this Pleasure weekend event to ramp up your marriage

1) You will make this first on your annual calendar

2) A simple event that will skyrocket your connection

3) You will both join in the planning and pleasurable execution

Bonuses - to make your marriage truly sizzle

4 videos, concerning How to deal with marriage problems & typical challenges in marriage

On the videos, you will hear us talk about how other couples handled issues and learned to stop those nasty tendencies, dead in their tracks.

It is your relationship, so invest some time to make it the very best it can become by joining the other excited couples who have applied this material!

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Jerry Stumpf
Jerry Stumpf
Marriage Enrichment Coach

Jerry is a marriage relationship expert, public speaker, author of several books, blogger, certified marriage coach and marriage mentor having conducted marriage seminars in several states.

He teaches webinars and special classes on interpersonal communications for husbands and wives.

Jerry & Elaine host interactive, enjoyable marriage seminars which equip attendees with various tools to understand each partner better and therefore captivate each other in deeper conversations.

Jerry has been married forty two years to the same beautiful woman. They have three children and seven grandchildren. His greatest passion is assisting married couples to unlock each other's heart through open communication with gentle interactive guidance.

Course Curriculum

Welcome and introduction to the course
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1 - Learn how to effectively communicate:
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2 - Develop emotional intimacy - drawing closer to each other
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4 - Identify and destroy Busyness - the # 1 relational killer & discover how to design creative & wonderful, precious time with your spouse
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